Siracusa and Noto Excursion

The city of Archimedes, Syracuse, will give you the perfect mix between antiquity and modernity. Your private driver will take you to the archeologic park, where your exclusive excursion will start. Here your expert guide will escort you inside this site that will surprise you for its particularity. You won’t miss the Ear of Dionysius, captivating and mysterious artificial cave, where the echoes will manifest you their portentous power. After visiting Ortygia and its Duomo, built on the originally Athena Temple, by your private vehicle you will be taken to the capital of Baroque, Noto. Here the real expression of the baroque art takes place, thanks to the numerous churches, collected in the main street, like a special parade.

* * *

With our Expert Travel Consultants you will shape your Luxury Tailor Made Excursion as you require.

The Excursion Includes:

  • Half-Day Transport by Private Vehicles with Driver Service
  • Half-Day Expert Local Guide Service