New knowledge in the treatment of particular neoplasms

sab 10 giugno 2017 - sab 10 giugno 2017

New knowledge in the treatment of  particular neoplasms

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In the last few years new knowledge in biology and immunology have resulted in progress in the treatment  not only of  big killer cancers but also in less frequent tumors.

Patients suffering from cancer discussed in these meetings had a very low survival until a few years ago, today the prospects of survival are greatly improved thanks to new biological therapies  and immunotherapy.

It appears necessary to review the therapeutic algorithms in order to offer patients the best treatment possible sequence.

The chemotherapy is no longer the fundamental therapy but the biological and immunotherapeutic drugs are getting results that were unthinkable a short time ago.

These meetings are intended to review and discuss with the specialists the progress achieved and to propose therapeutic algorithms useful in daily practice.

This work should be a prerequisite to the construction of an interdisciplinary network for pathology that will set the course of treatment of patients.